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I endeavor to make the most unique and magical items on the planet. These creations are not for everyone but, hopefully I’ve conjured up something wild and wyrd that will capture your interest. Check out my wares and enjoy your browse.

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My wands are hand carved out of wild crafted woods from magical places. On rare occasions I use  pre used woods like framing members from an old haunted house or the bow of a sunken ship. Either way I always keep in mind the four fundamental building blocks of making a quality magical wand. These are listed below.

-Magical properties of the wood being used-    The knowledge of these properties has been passed down to us through folklore and mythology (for specific properties go to magical properties of woods under pages). It is also important to be well acquainted with the type of tree your wood came from, for there are some magical properties that weren’t passed on and if you are lucky you’ll find them.

-Physical properties of the wood being used-    As any good wood craftsman knows, the wood tells you what to do not the other way around.

-Balance-  Can you grip it lightly as well as tightly? How a wand fits in your hand, or how it feels is more important than most witches and wizards realize. Your wand  is an extension of your body. If it is a clumsy extension then you will be handicapped not strengthened.

-Art-   Last but not least. For is there anything more magical than art itself ?Is it not magic how a clump of clay or a splat of paint can capture one’s heart and mind or how one person will pay a years wages for it and another won’t take it for free. Remember wands are not pick-up sticks for mere mortals but are artifacts of the gods.

Altar brooms

Four Brooms

Here you will find unique handmade brooms that can’t be found anywhere else. Head on over to Brooms and maybe you’ll find something that will  sweep you off your feet.


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